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How To Use Spiritual Candles, Candles Will Stop Evil - Evil Hates Light, Spiritual Incense, and Folklore Herbs:


IF YOU ARE NOT SURE what to purchase or you are new at spiritural conjures or you don't understand what herb, candle, incense or product, then send us your Prayer Request. Write your Prayer Request in the box provided when you click on the $5.00, the desire to find the right spiritual candle. My Prayer Request will then research for you a spiritual candle to purchase and we will email you back our best advice. Click on the $5.00.


Recipe for Success: Colors are the key to spiritual candles. Light a green candle for drawing money; light a red candle for protection; light white for peace and harmony; light a black candle for destroying negative and drawing luck. Light blue candles for loyalty with a lover. Light gold candles for money, success, and wealth. Gold is a good color to use to promote peace within a group and to bring good luck.

Recipe for Success: 2 Books to read for Facts and Fundamentals of Ritual Candle-Burning.

Recipe for Success: Spiritual Purple Candle and Energy Mists set contain all 100% natural ingredients, including purified water, essential oils, and has been energized with angelic blessings, crystal energies, healing frequencies, & love. Use on your body, aura, energy, or space.

Recipe for Success: Spiritual incense to burn for good blessings, prayers, and meditation at your altar.

Recipe for Success: Burn Frankincense and Myrrh incense to increase your conjure powers. All products are have ancient folklore drawing powers and will help you in your wants and needs.


My Prayer Request AltarProducts listed to remove an evil spell, unjinx, kill a jinx, unhex, remove evil from your house or family. Plus, where to buy and how to use spiritual candles, spiritual incense, and folklore herbs and remedies.

It is very hard to understand the uses of spiritual roots, powders, and herbs for making conjures. It takes many years of study and the handling of these spiritual folklore products. Each folklore herb has many names and many are not available to purchase, or they are fake. My-Prayer-Request will advise you to purchase quality, organic roots and herbs, candles, and incense.

If you like me help you with your specific prayer request, I would be glad to. I will create a conjure to help you in your situation. I will never cast an evil spell, My Prayer Request Altarso do not ask me - save your money. But, I will help you cast out the evil eye, evil spells, evil people, un-hex, un-jinx, banish - help make your home peaceful, help draw money to your hand, help you with your business decisions, help you gain more luck with bingo, lottery, casino.

When you send in your prayer request, I will make a curio specific to your needs and requests. Then, I will anoint your prayer and place it on the My Prayer Request altar and lit a candle and place the candle over top or your prayer, after I have read aloud your desires. Also, on the altar are spiritual candles and incense.

You are not alone. There are many people and resources we can use to help with your prayer request.

Herbs for Purchase with your Conjure and Spiritual Needs:

"A" - Acacia, Acai Berry Powder, Acerola Berry, Agrimony, Agrimony Powder, Ajwain Seed, Alfalfa Leaf, Alfalfa Powder, Alkanet, Allspice Powder, Allspice Whole, Aloe Powder, Amla Whole, Angelica Root, Anise Seed, Anise Star Pods, Annatto, Arnica, Artichoke Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus Root.

"B" - Balm of Gilead Buds, Barberry Root Bark, Barley Grass Powder, Basil Leaf, Holy Basil Leaf, Bay Leaf, Bayberry, Barley Grass, Bee Pollen, Beet Powder, Benzoin Gum, Betel Nut, Bilberry, Birch, Bird's Eye Chili, Bitter Melon, Bitter Orange, Blackberry, Black Cohosh, Black Seed, Black Haw, Black Pepper, Smoked Black Pepper, Black Walnut, Blessed Thistle, Bloodroot, Blue Cohosh, Blue Flag, Blue Vervain, Blue Violet, Boldo, Boneset, Borage, Brahmi, Broccoli Seed, Buchu Leaf, Buckthorn Bark, Bugleweed, Bupleurum, Burdock, Butchers Broom, Butterbur Root, Butternut Bark.

"C" - Cacao, Calamus Root, Calendula, California Poppy, Caraway, Cardamom, Carob, Cascara Sagrada, Catnip, Catuaba Bark, Cat's Claw, Cayenne, Cedar Berry, Cedar Leaf, Celandine, Celery Seed, Centaury, Chaga Mushroom, Chamomile, Chaparral, Chaste Tree, Chia Seed, Chickweed, Chicory Root, Chili Bird's Eye, Chili Flakes, Chili Powder, Chipotle, Chive Rings, Chlorella Powder, Chrysanthemum Flower, Cilantro Leaf, Cinnamon, Cleavers, Clove, Club Moss, Codonopsis Root, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Coriander Seed, Cornflowers, Cornsilk, Couch Grass (Dog Grass), Cramp Bark, Cranberry Powder, Cranesbill, Cubeb Berries, Cumin, Curry Leaf.

"D" - Damiana, Dandelion, Devil's Claw, Devil's Club, Dill Seed, Dill Weed, Dog Grass Root, Dong Quai.

"E" - Echinacea Angustifolia., Echinacea Purpurea, Elder Berry and Flower, Elecampane, Eleuthero Root, Epazote, Ephedra, Epimedium, Essiac Formula, Eucalyptus, Eyebright.

"F" - Fennel, Fenugreek, Feverfew, Figwort, Flax, Fo-Ti, Forsythia, Frankincense, Fringe Tree Bard, Fumitory.

"G" - Galangal Root, Garcinia Fruit, Garlic, Gentian, Ginger Root, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Red Ginseng, Goats Rue, Goji Berry, Goldenrod Herb, Goldenseal, Gotu Kola, Grapefruit Peel, Gravel Root, Green Peppercorn, Guarana Seed, Guggul Gum, Gymnema, Gynostemma.

"H" - Hawthorn, Heather, Helichrysum Flowers, Hemp Seed, Hibiscus, Holy Basil, Honeysuckle Flower, Hops, Horehound, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail, Hydrangea, Hyssop.

"I" - Iceland Moss.

"J" - Jamaican Dogwood, Jamaica Pepper (Allspice), Jamaica Ginger (Ginger), Jasmine Flower, Juniper Berries.

"K" - Kava Kava, Kola Nut, Kudzu.

"L" - Lady's Mantle, Lavender Flowers, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena, Licorice Root, Linden, Lobelia, Long Pepper, Lotus Leaf, Lovage, Lungwort, Lycii Berry.

"M" - Maca Root, Mace, Maitake, Mandrake, Marjoram, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Milk Thistle, Mistletoe, Motherwort, Mugwort, Muira Puama, Mullein, Mustard Seed, Myrrh, Myrtle.

"N" - Neem, Nettle, Noni, Nutmeg.

"O" - Oat Tops, Oatstaw, Olive Leaf, Onion, Orange Peel, Oregano, Oregon Grape Root, Orris Root (Queen Elizabeth Root), Osha Root.

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"P" - Papaya Leaf, Paprika, Parsley, Partridgeberry, Passionflower, Patchouli, Pau D'Arco, Pennyroyal, Peony Root, Pepper-Black, Pepper-Long, Pepper-Pink, Pepper-Rainbow, Pepper-White, Peppermint, Periwinkle, Pipsissewa, Plantain, Pleurisy Root, Poke Root, Poppy Flowers, Poppy Seed, Prickly Ash Bark, Privet Fruit, Psyllium Husk, Psyllium Seed, Pygeum.

"Q" - Quassia Bark, Quassia Bark Powder.

"R" - Ramon Nut, Raspberry, Red Clover, Red Clover Seeds, Red Ginseng, Red Root, Rehmannia Root, Reishi Mushrooms, Rhodiola Root, Rhubarb Root, Rosehips, Rosemary, Rose Petals, Rose Buds, Rue.

"S" - Safflower Threads, Saffron, Sage-Ceremonial, Sage-Culinary, St. John's Wort, Sandalwood, Sarsaparilla, Sassasfras, Savory, Saw Palmetto, Schisandra, Senna, Sesame Seeds, Shatavari, Shavegrass, Sheep Sorrel, Shepherd's Purse, Shiitake Mushroom, Skullcap, Slippery Elm Bark, Soapwort, Soap Nut, Solomons Seal, Spearmint, Speedwell, Spikenard, Spinach Powder, Spirulina, Stevia, Strawberry Leaf, Stone Root, Suma Root, Sumac Root, Sumac Berries, Sumac Leaf, Sunflower Petals, Sweetgrass, Sweet Woodruff.

"T" - Tansy, Tarragon, Tonka Beans, Thyme, Tribulus, Triphala, Tulsi, Turkey Rhubarb, Turmeric.

"U" - Usnea, Uva Ursi.

"V" - Valerian Root, Vanilla, Vervain, Violet, Vitex.

"W" - Watercress Herb, Wheat Grass, White Oak, White Peony Root, White Pepper, White Sage, White Willow, Wild Cherry, Wild Lettuce, Wild Yam, Witch Hazel, Wood Betony, Wormwood.

"Y" - Yacon Root, Yarrow, Yellow Dock, Yerba Mate, Yerba Santa, Yohimbe, Yucca.

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Miscellaneous items and products of interest:

For people who would like an answer to a special question or want a custom Prayer Request you can write what you need and contact us directly. The cost of this service is $5.00. When you click on the $5.00, you can write in the box yourMy Prayer Request Altar Prayer Request. We will have your email and let you know what we decided to use for your specific help, write your prayer request with your specific misfortunes, troubles, stress, problems. The Prayer Request will be anointed with the specific herbs and curio oils, placed on the altar under a candle and the candle will be lit just for your specific needs. Use spiritual candles, spiritual incense, incense resins, and herbs to protect yourself, family, and home. for how to stop evil influences.


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