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IF YOU ARE NOT SURE what to purchase or you are new at spiritural conjures or you don't understand what herb, incense or product, then send us your Prayer Request. Write your Prayer Request in the box provided when you click on the $5.00, the desire to keep evil influences from your family. My Prayer Request will then create a conjure and we will email you back what to do to help stop evil influence anywhere near you. Click on the $5.00.



Recipe for Success: To wash evil out - use ammonia in your scrub water when you wash your floors. Then light protection candles to stop evil influences from getting through the doors. Place candles at the front door and back door; also on your altar when you meditate and pray.

Recipe for Success: Light the black protection stick candle at your altar. On a white piece of paper without lines, and using Dragon blood ink or Dove blood ink, write the name of the people that are trying to influence you with evil. Place in your shoe and wear the shoe each day. On the 7th day throw the piece of paper behind you and don't look back. Also, on the 7th day, bury the black protection stick candle in the front yard, as close to the front door as possible.

Recipe for Success: High John the Conqueror is the most potent spiritual conjure made to use for almost any problem, including to stop evil influences. Carry High John the Conqueror root on your person for protection. Use the High John Conqueror perfume or cologne to ward off evil advances from hateful people. Ask your lover to carry High John the Conqueror root and wear the cologne or perfume to keep your lover from the influences of evil, jealous people.

Recipe for Success: How to stop an evil person from gossip and slandering your name. Write their name or names on a plain piece of paper with Bat blood ink. Write each person's name that's causing trouble 9 times and put this paper in a jar. Wet the paper with High John Conqueror wash, use the whole bottle. Bury the jar upside down in a secret place. Read the 120th Psalm for 7 days.

Additional Products To Stop Evil Influences:


How to stop evil influences. The use of black pepper combined with salt sprinkled on the door step after the unwanted people depart from your home will keep them from returning. Add valerian root to the salt and black pepper conjure and scatter the conjure on the ground to prevent any unwanted visitor - call out the person's name while sprinkling the conjure and it will stop the evil influences from this person.

Broom - don't ever step over a broom. My Prayer Request AltarIf by mistake you do, step back over it backwards to take off the jinx before anything evil happens. A new broom brings goodness to a home.

Inform yourself about what's going on around you. Don't think that your family can not be influenced by evil people - people that sell harmful drugs or evil people that manipulate them into doing things you have preached were wrong. Look for the signs of this evil - depression, bad behavior, vulgar language. Call your local help clinics in addition to using your folklore conjure formulas. You will need extra help to stop evil influences in your home.

For people who would like an answer to a special question or want a custom Prayer Request you can write what you need and contact us directly. The cost of this service is $5.00. When you click on the $5.00, you can write in the box yourMy Prayer Request Altar Prayer Request. We will have your email and let you know what we decided to use for your specific help for how to stop evil influences. Include a description of the misfortunes on your prayer request. This information will help decide the correct remove evil influences curio formula, to remove a specific evil influence to you and receive protection powers. When you send your prayer request to be placed on the altar to remove evil influences to only receive good blessings, be sure to write down all the information. Be sure to tell me what "Evil Influences" oils, incenses, and spiritual herbs you have already tried in the past and together we can make a new curio formula to remove and rid your home and yourself of evil influences. Your remove evil influences prayer request will be anointed by a cloth to un-hex you from a evil influences or other spells keeping you from good blesssings. On the payment form you can write your Prayer Request to CAST OUT ANY EVIL INFLUENCE. We will print Your Prayer Request, then anoint with specific roots and herbs employed in a "stop and remove evil influences from entering my life" conjure and place your prayer request on the My Prayer Request's altar. In addition, we will light a candle for your "Good Blessings Only". We will find a "protect me from any evil influence" spiritual herb conjure just for you.

Together, with your Prayer Request on the altar, a lighted candle and our "continue and receive only good blessings" curio, we will conjure a spell to help you with positive energy to help you.


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