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Spell To Unjinx: First, wash your home using ammonia. That will eliminate the evil spirits and hag spirits which are causing a jinx or hex. Purchase 6 white votive candles and 1 black stick candle. This spell to break a jinx is best done on the new moon phase. Mix these spiritual herbs and place in a fireproof bowl with a smoldering charcoal round: Pinch of Cinnamon. Pinch of Rosemary. Pinch of Black Pepper. Place the 6 white candles in a circle. You get into the circle of white candles with your spiritual herbs and the black candle. Light the 6 white candles and light the black stick candle, using the flame from a white candle. Meditate. Meditate to release you from this hex, this harmful jinx and to pass you by. After you have mediated, say these words out loud: "Whatever evil comes to me, I cast you back, I have no fear. With the speed of wind and dark of night. May all of your harboring take flight. With the swiftness of the sea. And all the power in me. As I will, so mote it be." In a real loud voice say: "I cast you out" and then blow the black candle out as hard as you can. You may sit and remain claim and let the white candles burn out by themselves or get up and blow out the white candles.

Lastly, light the sage smudges and walk through your home, making sure to saturate the white ceremonial sage's smoke in every room - surround your body and hands in the sage's smoke. After the black candle and the charcoal and spiritual herbs and the white ceremonial sage smudge have cooled and you are sure all fire is extinguished, place these ingredients in a white cloth. Tie them together and bury the white cloth in the backyard.

High John the Conqueror most powerful for conjure work. Write on white paper with no lines your misfortune, using Dragon blood ink or Dove blood ink, anoint with High John Conqueror. Wear in your shoe for 4 days. After the 4th day, throw the paper behind you DO NOT LOOK BACK.

Jinx removing incense will remove the evil spirits from your home. Burn on charcoal rounds if jinx remove powder incense or burn the jinx remove incense stick. Peace and Harmony.

Uncrossing a jinx - use uncross wash to cleanse your body from a hex. Be sure to rinse your hands with uncrossing washes before an important event, you will have protection from any jinx. Do not use any other soap after. Use High John Conqueror perfume to protect yourself when away from home.

Always light a protection candle, evil hates the light, to keep a jinx or hex away. Anoint your shoes with the smoke from protection candles giving you power all day long.


Jinxes are real, and many many people remove a jinxbelieve their series of bad luck is from a jinx on them or wrong decisions made are the cause of a jinx on you, or even being too close to a person who has a jinx on them will cause bad things to happen to you. I would agree, you need a jinx remover conjure formula. You can have a bad day from a jinx all over you . . . wake up with a new jinx on you . . . or get up on the wrong side of the bed from a jinx on that side of your bed. A jinx is a series of bad things that happen to you. A relative, a stranger, or a miserable person can easily throw a jinx on you as you pass them by in the house, street, or restaurant. Anywhere!


Listed below are more protection products to remove a jinx. These products are good for helping to remove a jinx placed on you, your house, your steady work. Be sure to send in your Prayer Request and the $5.00 for extra help to remove a jinx spell, your prayer request will be placed on the altar and a candle will be lit just for you:


Let's remove a jinx from your life. I have a number of ways to remove a jinx - spiritual candles, incense, and herbs to remove a jinx by anointing your prayer request that you will be sending me and placing it on the altar.

Print and fill out this form, or use a piece of plain paper, or even a napkin if youMy Prayer Request Altar are in a hurry to write down the jinx that just happened and title your prayer request, How to Remove A Jinx. Include a description of the mishaps, bad luck, and misfortunes on your prayer request. This information will help decide the correct remove a jinx spiritual herb formula, a curio formula, to remove a jinx specific to you. When you send your prayer request to be placed on the altar to remove a jinx, be sure to write down all the information.

To remove a jinx; jinx remover spell, how to remove a jinx:

Send your cash of $5.00 for your prayer request that will be anointed by spiritual oils, read aloud to uncross and remove the jinx, then placed on the altar with a lighted candle on top. By sending in your prayer request, you'll receive extra help with a spiritual spell to remove a jinx, a spell to uncross and remove a jinx.

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