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Devil's Shoe Strings is powerful to remove evil spells. Recipe for Success: If someone is hot footing you, tie 9 Devil's Shoe Strings at your ankle or wear the 9 Devil's Shoe Strings in your shoes. You will be protected from any evil spell because you can't be poisoned through the feet. Recipe for Success: Place 9 Devil's Shoe Strings in a red flannel mojo bag along with a silver dime, High John the Conqueror Root - anoint with whiskey to keep it working. Recipe for Success: Remove Evil head rub with Devil's Shoe Strings. Wrap 9 Devil's Shoe Strings nine times around with white thread, tie a knot at each wrapping. Nine knots. Place the bundle in a bottle and fill it with whiskey or Hoyt's cologne. Let it sit for 9 days. When you need to use the conjure for protection - sprinkle the liquid on your fingertips and run them through your hair 9 times

Recipe for Success: Use the Uncrossing bath and floor wash to keep the devil and evil spirits at bay. Use as often as needed to protect yourself from negative influences. Simply mix in one or two capfuls with your bath or mop water and concentrate on your desires while washing. Recipe for Success: Put the power of the Black Cat to work for you. Black Cat Protection spray is one of our most popular products and is used by lay persons as well as practitioners of Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, Christianity, Wicca, Magick and more. To use, simply spray around your home, office, automobile or any other place you need spiritual protection. Combine with any of our other products for increased power or to add desired effects.

Frankincense and Myrrh Tears for protection from evil and to remove evil from you home. Recipe for Success: Pinch of cinnamon with Frankincense Tears are known for their use in consecration, meditation, protection and purifying. Myrrh is known for: Protection, purification, healing and magical potency. Both are known for their use as a sacred tool in many cultures. Burn at your altar in a fireproof bowl using a charcoal round as your base. Anoint your hands and body in the smoke. Let the purifying smoke work its magic and for additional protection from evil spirits: in the 4 corners of your home - north, east, south, west - place a bay leaf for protection from any evil spirit.

High John the Conqueror root, wash, perfume and cologne. Recipe for Success: Carry the root of High John Conqueror in your right pocket for protection from evil. Recipe for Success: Apply the High John Conqueror perfume or cologne when you leave your home to ward off any evil spirits or hag spirits. Recipe for Success: High John the Conqueror powerful wash added to your ritual bath or used with water as a floor wash is quite helpful in seeking strength and protection. High John Conqueror spray for the front door to keep evil out.

Burning Protection Candles strengthen your inner guardian to take on all opponents. Using candles is spiritually good for helping to confuse enemies and evil spirits, to help keep their negative attentions from reaching you. Lighting these spiritual candles will banish all negative energies and evil spirits that impress themselves upon you.


praying angelRemove Evil Spells can be as easy as grinding black pepper corns in your shoes to make your track invisible or invulnerable to the harm from the person casting the evil spell on you - a spell cast by throwing evil powders in your pathway and the front door step. There are many spells that can cast evil on you, harming your luck, harming your steady work, harming your lover, harming your peaceful home.

In the past I have suggested the use of the spiritual herb called Angelica. Angelica was revealed to a person in a dream by an angel to remove the black plague, hence the name, Angelica. The root is used as a wash to remove evil spells in the home. The root is a powerful guardian angel to protect you.

If you send your prayer request for extra help to remove evil spells we must "fight fire with fire", using a conjure that is very powerful and harmful to use. Combining ingredients in powder form such as salt and sulphur. Sulphur or brimstone is not an ingredient you want in your home. Sending your prayer request with your $5.00 will help remove an evil spell using powerful curios to anoint your prayer request.


Additional Products To Stop Evil Influences, Hag Spirits, and Remove Evil:



My Prayer Request AltarTogether, with your prayer request, we can remove evil spells and hexes from your life. Since each evil spell is specific to one person, I will need you to completely explain your evil spell. Tell me the harm this evil spell is causing you. We can reverse and remove this evil spell cast over you.

Use this form or on a plain piece of paper write your prayer request to remove evil spells. On the prayer request please give me some information about what type of evil spell is upon you. Your prayer request will be blessed and placed on the altar, anointed with the spiritual curios, read aloud, and placed under a lighted candle - just for your needs and misfortunes.

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Your Remove Evil Spell Plan:

Send your cash of $5.00 for your prayer request that will be anointed and placed on the altar to remove evil spell.


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