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How To Make A Peaceful Home, Make Peace In Your Home, Make Your Home Peaceful and With Harmony


IF YOU ARE NOT SURE what to purchase or you are new at spiritural conjures or you don't understand what herb, incense or product, then send us your Prayer Request. Write your Prayer Request in the box provided when you click on the $5.00, your desires to make your home peaceful. Then let My Prayer Request create a conjure and we will email you back what to do to help you bring peace and love to your home. We can make you feel better about yourself with positive thinking, and a spiritual conjure to bring harmony back to your house. Click on the $5.00.


Cleanse the home, then purify. Recipe for Success: Scatter High John the Conqueror floor sweep on your floor. Use an old broom to sweep up the High John the Conqueror floor sweep. Throw the used floor sweep and old broom outside, behind you, don't look back. Purchase a new broom. Wash the floors with High John Conqueror in your scrub water. Light the purification incense on a charcoal round.

Use Peaceful Home oil to help ensure a serene, relaxing and peaceful surrounding within your home. Oils are used to anoint a candle, anoint the body as a perfume, as an additive to baths, blessing objects, attract positive and repel negative influences from your home. Burn candles and incense to make your home peaceful.


Make a peaceful home is where your happy home fairyfamily is happy, a peaceful home feels safe and comfortable. It is the woman's gentle hand that has been able to make a peaceful home through out history. Make a peaceful home spiritual herb curio contains items you probably already have in your home - like basil and rosemary.

The - make my home peaceful conjure - will continue to work by placing the prayer request inside the home and using 4 corners of your home. Thus, protecting the home from unsafe, hateful, and mean events inside the home.



Listed below are some products that My Prayer Request endorses. These products are "make my home peaceful" spiritual candles, a book on how to use spiritual candles, and incense:


My Prayer Request AltarIf you need extra help, send your prayer request which can make a peaceful home spiritual herb conjure just for your misfortunes.

Your Keep a Peaceful Home Plan:

For people who would like an answer to a special question or want a custom Prayer Request you can write what you need and contact us directly. The cost of this service is $5.00. When you click on the $5.00, you can write in the box your Prayer Request. We will have your email and let you know what we decided to use for your specific help for your hand with keep my home peaceful and in harmony in the home. Be sure to tell me what "Keep My Home Peaceful and Safe " oils, incenses, and spiritual herbs you have already tried in the past and together we can make a new curio formula to help make a peaceful and safe home. Your make a peaceful home prayer request will be anointed by a cloth to bring your home peace and tranquility. On the payment form you can write your Prayer Request to MAKE MY HOME PEACEFUL AND SAFE FROM EVIL. We will print Your Prayer Request, then anoint with specific roots and herbs employed in a "peaceful home" conjure and place your prayer request on the My Prayer Request's altar. In addition, we will light a candle for your "keep my home peaceful and tranquil". We will find a "protect my home and make it peaceful" spiritual herb conjure just for you.

Together, with your Prayer Request on the altar, a lighted candle and our "make my house peaceful and family safe" curio, we will conjure a spell to help you with positive energy to help you.


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