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To Be Successful in Winning At Bingo and used for attracting favorable results from others. Recipe for Success: Purchase 3 bottles of High John Conqueror. Use a green cloth and place the green cloth in a bowl with the 3 bottles of High John Conqueror Wash.  Before going to play bingo, read the 67th Psalm three times. Use the green cloth to wash your hands, use the green cloth to wipe your lucky charms, on your bingo daubers, and on the money you will be using. Let no one else use or touch your articles until they have served your purpose.

Smoke from white ceremonial sage. Recipe for Success: Light white ceremonial sage, placing loose sage on top of charcoal rounds, use the smoke to anoint your hands, lucky bingo charms, bingo daubers, and money after you cleansed your lucky bingo items with the most powerful, High John Conqueror Wash.


My Prayer Request AltarPurchase products that My Prayer Request believes should help you with lucky with bingo. There are some lucky bingo daubers with hearts, 4-leaf clovers (that's lucky), and some green color to draw money to your hand. Also, mojo bags that will hold your lucky charms to give you a lucky mojo hand. Before you go to your bingo game, use the smoke of white ceremonial sage - loose on a charcoal round or as a sage smudge - to cleanse your hands and money that you will be using for your lucky at bingo game.

Brew a tea using Chamomile Flowers. Use as a hand wash. This will cleanse your hands and draw luck to your heart.


More useful products for lucky with bingo:


lucky bingo fairyBingo players always love to take to the bingo game extra lucky amulets (any object intended to bring good luck) and charms, then place their lucky power in front of their cards. (Lucky bingo amulets can also be words spoken instead of an object.) You can have extra magic power after you anoint your lucky charms, mojo bag, or special sentimental pieces. There are many, many spiritual herbs to bring luck - Jamaica pepper (allspice), nutmeg, chamomile, bayberry, alfalfa, Irish moss, High John The Conqueror. Spiritual candles and incenses are also used for "lucky with bingo hands". Star anise seeds are held to have great mystical power. Star anise can help you dream lucky dreams the night before you play bingo.

If you need extra help with your win at bingo request to make a lucky bingo player, send in your prayer request and $5.00, and it will be anointed to bring you good luck so when you go to the bingo game, you will be lucky with bingo. You can dress a green lucky mojo bag. Plus, be sure to anoint a cloth to wipe your bingo daubers. . . for more luck. Send in your Lucky With Bingo prayer request. Help you get Lucky with Bingo . . . read below.

Use this form or on a plain piece of paper write your prayer request for lucky with bingo. Write a description of your desires for more help to be luckyMy Prayer Request Altar with bingo. My Prayer Request will make the best conjure for you to anoint your prayer request, then your prayer request will be placed on the altar, read aloud, with a lighted candle over it. Be sure to tell me what "Lucky With Bingo" oils, incenses, and spiritual herbs you have already tried in the past and so My Prayer Request can make the perfect conjure to bring a lucky bingo hand.

Your Lucky With Bingo Plan:

Send your cash of $5.00 for your prayer request that will be anointed and placed on the altar, read aloud, placed under a candle that was lit just for your lucky with bingo spell.

My Prayer Request

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