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IF YOU ARE NOT SURE what to purchase or you are new at spiritural conjures or you don't understand what herb, incense or product, then send us your Prayer Request. Write your Prayer Request in the box provided when you click on the $5.00, your specific want. Then let My Prayer Request create a conjure and we will email you back what to do to help you pick Lucky Lottery Tickets. Click on the $5.00.


This is incredible!!!! This man has won a lottery jackpot over 7 times and he has now written a book about how to win the lottery. He explains how to win in lottery scratch off tickets; win the lottery in the ball games; and re-enter your tickets that have not won into a second chance in win the lottery game. Good luck in your lottery winnings!

You can make a lucky lottery altar. Recipe for Success: Use a table and place a green scarf or tablecloth over the table. You will need a green stick candle to light when you sit at your altar. Place on the table, a lucky coin you found - like draws like - money draws money; Cinnamon sprinkled on the table; Alligator tooth to hold and draw towards you; Hoyt's cologne to anoint and make lucky. Be sure to fill out your lottery card and listen to your inner power to mark the numbers.

Recipe for Success: Mrs. Bryant's England Mulling Spice is a superior, exclusive, fruit, herb and luck drawing spice blend and it is delicious when added to: apple cider, fruit punch, juices, wines, liquors, teas, rubs and glazes. Add 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of liquid. Simmer 30 minutes. Or, add water and use as a potpourri. Use this ingredient as you will, then listen to your inner powers and write down your lucky lottery numbers. Light the Fast Luck cinnamon incense and anoint the lottery card in the lucky cinnamon smoke of the incense.


My Prayer Request AltarMake a lucky mojo bag; combine spiritual herbs that render lucky dreams the night before you purchase your lottery tickets; recipes for meals which bring you a lucky hand to purchase a "luck with lottery tickets"; a hand wash curio before you purchase your lottery tickets to make your hand lucky; light spiritual candles and anoint an altar; get a Silver Dime; find a 4 leaf clover and place it in your luck mojo bag; sip delicious teas from leafs that are known for their luck drawing powers; light sweet smelling incense to make your home lucky, then pass your hand through the incense smoke to draw luck to your hand. With your prayer request sent to me I will anoint your prayer request using one of my conjure oils. You can purchase your own conjure oils like, Black Cat Lucky Hand made with spiritual herbs then, wipe the money you will use to purchase your lucky numbers, which will always add luck to your lottery tickets.


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win at lotteryThese products will help you win at lottery games. Pass the smoke of white ceremonial sage - loose on a charcoal round or as a sage smudge - and fill the area with the sage smoke making sure all the items: your hands, money, and the lottery card have been cleansed by the sage smoke, for Luck With Lottery. White ceremonial sage smoke has the sweet smell of success and well being. Add High John the Conqueror to your fingertips to make your conjure most powerful.

Yes, the chances of winning from lucky lottery lottery tickets is stacked against you. Even the lottery games will tell you your chances of winning is something like, one in a million. But, we all have our dreams about what we would do with our winning lottery tickets money before we purchase our lottery tickets, so let's conjure a "luck with lottery tickets". And remember, some one, some person, some gal, some guy - maybe you -will win from a lucky lottery ticket.

Luck with lottery tickets, luck with picking numbers for lottery tickets, luck with your hand to pick the numbers for lottery tickets....let's bring you luck with lottery tickets. Write the numbers on the prayer request and I'll anoint the numbers with my special curios and place the prayer request on the altar with a lighted candle over the numbers which will give you more help with luck with lottery tickets. Together we can make the best conjure for you to use. Or, if you don't want anyone to know your lucky lottery numbers, use the products above to conjure and make on your own "lucky lottery number spell". You will need to purchase the lucky herbs.

Luck With Lottery Tickets Plan:

For people who would like an answer to a special question or want a custom Prayer Request you can write what you need and contact us directly. The cost of this service is $5.00. When you click on the $5.00, you can write in the box yourMy Prayer Request Altar Prayer Request. We will have your email and let you know what we decided to use for your specific help to make your hand lucky for lottery tickets. Be sure to tell me what "Luck With Lottery Tickets" oils, incenses, and spiritual herbs you have already tried in the past and together we can make a new curio formula to bring a luck with lottery tickets hand. Your lucky lottery prayer request will be anointed by a cloth to bring your hand luck that will buy the lottery tickets for new luck with lottery tickets numbers, because you dreamed new lucky lottery ticket numbers. On the payment form you can write your Prayer Request to BRING LUCK TO MY HAND TO WIN THE LOTTERY. We will print Your Prayer Request, then anoint with specific roots and herbs employed in a "lucky lottery" conjure and place your prayer request on the My Prayer Request's altar. In addition, we will light a candle for your "keep my hands lucky for the winning lottery ticket". We will find a "make sure my lottery tickets are lucky" spiritual herb conjure just for you.

Together, with your Prayer Request on the altar, a lighted candle and our "make my hands lucky to draw a winning lottery ticket" curio, we will conjure a spell to help you with positive energy to help you.

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