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Products to help you feel better, stop feeling miserable, some good luck products to help you. For instance, the smoke of white ceremonial sage, loose on a charcoal round or in the form of a sage smudge, has a sweet and pleasant smell which offers feelings of success and well being.



Yes, so many households are feeling miserable. The doom feeling bad of losing your job, extra work put on your shoulders because of job cuts - you are working ten times more and getting paid the same. The doom of losing your home from a foreclosure. You feel you can not make the right decisions in anything. You are depressed and can't move your life in the right direction. Millions of people are feeling miserable, tired, alone, sad, and without hope.

You need something to believe in. Your God, a lucky charm, a lucky amulet, talisman, mojo bag - anything to help you get through this day and into the next. It could be as easy as finding something on the ground, anointing it with a good blessing and carrying it in your pocket to make yourself feel positive. Then, when you feel miserable, hold your lucky comfort-piece in your hand and say a little prayer, or chant a good spell, or mediate with incense, a spiritual candle in front of your homemade altar. Your altar does not have to be anything fancy. Just a fireproof area so you can place a candle, some incense, your handwritten note to yourself about why you are miserable - then mediate with prayer or read a paragraph in a book you like, or sit quietly and try to rid your mind of these miserable feelings - replace misery with positive... "I can get through this".

feeling betterTogether, let's you and My Prayer Request try to make a little magic in your life to lift you out of your misery. Of course, if you are clinical depressed you will need to seek professional guidance. This website's goal is to make you feel better about yourself, using a prayer altar, incense, and some magical words to ward off those miserable feelings you are having. And, no one has to know or make fun of you for having a home prayer altar - it is none of their business; if your altar makes you feel better - THAT'S ALL YOU NEED. Plus, incense smells good, especially sandalwood incense which makes a home peaceful and calms family discord, friction, and fighting.

Positive feelings - laughter, are the best medicine to ward off miserable feelings.

Use this form or on a plain piece of paper write your prayer request with your specific misfortunes, troubles, stress, problems. We can make the best conjure to use for your prayer request and anoint your prayer with these spiritual oils.

Send cash of $5.00 with your prayer request to My Prayer Request Altar be anointed, read aloud, and placed under a lighted candle on the altar, just for you AND follow the Recipe For Success instructions:

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