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IF YOU ARE NOT SURE what to purchase or you are new at spiritural conjures or you don't understand what herb, incense or product, then send us your Prayer Request. Write your Prayer Request in the box provided when you click on the $5.00, your particular misfortune. Then let My Prayer Request create a conjure and we will email you back what to do to help you Remove An Evil Eye. Click on the $5.00.


Agar-Agar is seaweed. Recipe for Success: For protection against the evil eye and evil spirits use a pinch of Agar-Agar in a glass of water and place on your bed stand, it will ward off negative spirits. Agrimony to repel the Evil Eye. Recipe for Success: Combine with RUE as a wash or an incense and it is said will send back the Evil Eye.

Recipe for Success: Use the Uncrossing bath and floor wash to rid the evil eye. Use as often as needed to reverse the evil eye. Simply mix in one or two capfuls with your bath or mop water and concentrate on your desires while washing. Recipe for Success: Carry Balm of Gilead in your Mojo Bag for protection from the EVIL EYE and so that envious people are unable to give you the EVIL EYE when money crosses your hands.

Recipe for Success: To wash the evil eye out of your home - use ammonia in your scrub water when you wash your floors. Then light protection candles to stop evil influences from getting through the doors. Place candles at the front door and back door; also on your altar when you meditate and pray.


The evil eye spell is from someone with those powers that can stare too break the evil eye long at what they are envious of - your beauty, your home, your child, your crops . . . whatever this evil eye wants and does not want you to have. If the evil eye desires what belongs to you, it will cast a spell of misfortune and bad luck on you. You need to break an evil eye spell.


Products to break evil eye, a spell to break and remove evil eye are listed below. Help with removing the evil eye. Amulets, bracelets, evil eye protection talisman, evil eye beads to sew on your clothes, and necklaces to wear for protection from the evil eye:


First you need to see if you have an evil eye spell cast on you, with my instructions you will be able to determine if your misfortune was caused by an evil eye spell.

To determine if someone passed on the evil eye to you, the spiritual herb curio is already in your home - needles, olive oil, water, scissors are used in such a manner to see if an evil eye spell was cast. For protection you can wear charms or amulets which usually have a large eye and are mounted on your home or worn on your person. In ancient times, spitting 3 times on whatever was believed to have received an evil eye spell was used to break the evil eye, no kidding! Or, spitting 3 times on the ground where the person was standing, who gave you the evil eye.

For people who would like an answer to a special question or want a custom Prayer Request you can write what you need and contact us directly. The cost of this service is $5.00. When you click on the $5.00, you can write in the box yourMy Prayer Request Altar Prayer Request. We will have your email and let you know what we decided to use for your specific problem. On the payment form you can write your Prayer Request to REMOVE THE EVIL EYE. We will print Your Prayer Request, then anoint with specific roots and herbs employed in a "give protection from the evil eye" conjure and place your prayer request on the My Prayer Request's altar. In addition, we will light a candle for your "remove this EVIL EYE". We will find a "break EVIL EYE" spiritual herb conjure just for your misforturnes.

Together, with your Prayer Request on the altar, a lighted candle and our "stop this evil eye" curio, we will conjure a spell to help you with positive energy to help you.


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