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To Win A Court Case, used for attracting favorable results from others. Recipe For Success Purchase 4 bottles of the most powerful - High John Conqueror Wash. Give the Court Case the "hot foot" by writing Psalm 35 on a white piece of paper without lines. Place the Prayer in your left shoe and wear that shoe at least once a day. When the paper wrinkles and you are unable to read the Prayer, use your right hand and throw the Prayer behind you - do not look back, walk away. Take 3 baths or showers using 1 bottle of High John Conqueror in your bath or shower water each time. The day of the trial, using the last bottle of High John Conqueror, pour the High John Conqueror in a bowl and place a white anointing cloth and wash your face with it. Do not use any other water or soap.

Extra advantage to "win my court case" Recipe For Success Read this book. These spells will get you justice and will sway the court in your favor. Get your copy now. Recipe For Success Sprinkle this powder where you will walk or during a magical ritual that you use to prepare for an impending court case to help find good fortune, and otherwise help swing things in your favor during an impending legal battle. This is 1 oz of court case powder, for external use only.

"Win My Court Case" spiritual candles. Recipe For Success These candles are burned for legal issues and court cases. Burn prior to going to court for a favorable outcome. Use with Court Case anointing oil to bring a favorable verdict in a court case. Oils are used to anoint a candle, anoint the body as a perfume, as an additive to baths, blessing objects, attract positive and repel negative influences.

Court Case Incense Recipe For Success Burn incense powder on charcoal rounds or ember incense burners. Court Case incense is used to bring about desired outcomes and verdicts in court cases and made with high quality all natural ingredients. Great smelling powdered non-combustible incense made specifically for charcoal or ember Incense Burners. Use Magical Garden incense in your rituals to represent your thoughts and prayers rising up to the heavens to create a positive atmosphere. Should also be used with a charcoal disc for easy lighting. Instructions and tips for use included.

Court Case Incense Burners and Charcoal Rounds Recipe For Success Place court case incense on charcoal rounds. The charcoal rounds do not have any odor and can be burned at your altar. Sprinkle your incense powder or incense resins. The incense burners will contain your incense and charcoal rounds. Frankincense is known for use in consecration, meditation, protection and purifying. Myrrh is known for protection, purification, healing and magical potency.

Mojo Bag for Court Case Recipe For Success Place your anointed talisman, charms, prayers, High John Conqueror root - all inside your mojo bag. Carry on person.

High John Conqueror oils, perfume, cologne and the root are powerful magic to help with your prayer requests. Recipe For Success High John Conqueror when carried on your person as a pocket piece, or as an ingredient in your mojo bag, will bring good luck and you will have power over your enemies - used for extra confidence and protection. Use High John Conqueror as a room spray over your altar when you pray.

Recipe For Success: When writing any prayer or spell, use Dragon Blood Ink, Dove Blood Ink, or Bat's Blood ink (just ink, no blood in bottles). These folklore curios give your prayer request strength in your conjure powers. Write on paper your desires using Dragon blood ink, Dove blood ink, or Bat blood ink - gives your enemies the "hot foot".

Read these 2 books to gain knowledge of how to use spiritual candles to contact your personal guardian angel. The Greatest Little Known Secret about Angels, Visit From an Angel, Angel of Protection. Learn how to see your guardian angel for protection and safety and to fight people who want to harm you.

Holy Clear Water is always needed in the home for protection.


My Prayer Request offers for purchase items to help get win court case your mojo hand and "win my court case". Add to your mojo bag some Frankincense and Myrrh, or you can burn Frankincense and Myrrh on a charcoal round to increase the power of your conjure work. Purchase Guardian Angel candles for meditation. Recipe For Success How to Stop Someone from Slandering Your Name and Causing Trouble with Their Poisonous Tongue. Required: 1 bottle of "Glory Water" for each person. When people are slandering you, write their name or names using Dragon blood ink, Dove blood ink, or Bat dove ink on a plain piece of paper. Write each person's name that's causing trouble 9 times and put this paper in a jar. Wet the paper with "Glory Water" use the whole bottle. Bury the jar upside down in a secret place. Read the 120th Psalm for 7 days.

Recipe For Success How to be Safe from Enemies: Holy Clear Water. Pray the 23rd Psalm. Pronounce the Holy Name Ja several times then rub Holy Clear Water over the face. Make your wish and ask that it be granted in the Name of the Lord. Amen.

To help you "win my court case", the use of domination and hot-footing spiritual herb curios are used. Recipe For Success These types of curios to win a court case are carried on your person. Sprinkle black pepper in your shoes to protect yourself from your enemies. You can make your own mojo bag with charms and small pieces of things that have good meaning for you - place these items on a small black cloth, black is the color of good luck, and tie with a string or ribbon and carry with you at all times.

If you need extra help or would like your own recipe for success, send me your prayer request with some information about your court case and I'll anoint your prayer request with the appropriate court case spiritual herb conjure, then your prayer will be placed on the altar with a lit candle placed over your prayer, this is one way to help "win my court case" prayer request. Plus, make yourself a mojo bag, which is a small bag that, when blessed and anointed correctly, will bring the person carrying the bag...good luck hand mojo bag - get their mojo back - get their good hand mojo back. In other words, you will have an edge on the entity causing you to defend yourself in a "win my court case". It is a way to have more belief in yourself.

Plus, I advice you to hire a good lawyer, especially for a foreclosure of your home - the wrong entity is taking your house - they are probably not the bank that loaned you the money, start here with this website (please note, My-Prayer-Request has no affiliation with this website) for some good advice if your court case has to do with a foreclosure of your home. In other words, get yourself off the couch and get going on your defense - stop ignoring your foreclosure court case....GET MOVING and make your "win my court case" your mission to help yourself. GET OFF THE COUCH AND DEFEND YOURSELF.

Use this form or send in your "win my court case" prayer on a plain piece of paper. Your prayer will be placed on the altar, send it and it will be anointed with the blessed water and place it on the altar. Together let's find a "win my court case" spiritual herb conjure.

Send your cash of $5.00 for your prayer request that My Prayer Request Altarwill be anointed, placed on the altar, a candle with be lit just for your misfortune. Together, with your prayer on the altar, and a "win my court case spell", a spell to break and win your court case.

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