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Cleanse the home, then purify. Recipe for Success: Scatter High John the Conqueror floor sweep on your floor. Use an old broom to sweep up the High John the Conqueror floor sweep. Throw the used floor sweep and old broom outside, behind you, don't look back. Purchase a new broom. Wash the floors with High John Conqueror wash in your scrub water. Light the purification incense on a charcoal round.

High John the Conqueror most powerful for conjure work. Recipe for Success:Write on white paper with no lines your misfortune and bad luck, using Dragon blood ink or Dove blood ink, anoint with High John Conqueror. Wear in your shoe for 4 days. After the 4th day, throw the paper behind you DO NOT LOOK BACK.

Uncrossing the bad luck - use uncross wash to cleanse your body from a hag spirit. Recipe for Success: Be sure to rinse your hands with uncrossing washes before an important event, you will have protection from any bad luck. Do not use any other soap after. Use High John Conqueror perfume to protect yourself when away from home to keep off any bad luck or the change of picking up a jinx.

Recipe for Success Always light a protection candle, evil hates the light, to keep a bad luck and misfortune away. Anoint your shoes with the smoke from protection candles giving you power all day long. Place black pepper outside your home to keep bad luck from entering your home.

Recipe for Success: Mrs. Bryant's England Mulling Spice is a superior, exclusive, fruit, herb and luck drawing spice blend and it is delicious when added to: apple cider, fruit punch, juices, wines, liquors, teas, rubs and glazes. Add 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of liquid. Simmer 30 minutes. Or, add water and use as a potpourri and place the potpourri at the front door to keep bad luck out. Use this ingredient as you will, then listen to your inner powers to remove any bad luck and replace your home with the sweet smell of good luck. Light the Fast Luck incense and anoint your home in the smoke of the lucky cinnamon smoke of the incense.


I have been in your shoes and I have asked for help over and over "how do I get rid bad luck of this bad luck". It just seemed one problem, then another. I looked on the internet for answers to help remove bad luck but I just didn't understand how to use those spiritual herbs to help me remove my bad luck spells, I didn't know what herbs to order, nor what candles or incense to use. And how was I going to get my hands on a cooter (flat shelled river turtle) to write my spell on its back to remove this bad luck or get some spiritual knot grass - what the heck is knot grass anyway and then tie it, go to a graveyard then bury it? I don't want to go to a graveyard - would you?! Let My Prayer Request get that BAD LUCK OUT OF YOUR HOME AND LIFE . . . without you having to find all these ancient spiritual herb curios and go weird places. After years of studying the spiritual conjures and curios to help people with their problems, you need not worry about which product to use for your misfortunes - let me do all the work when you send in your prayer request to remove bad luck.


My-Prayer-Request has found these products that help you remove your bad luck. Click on them if you are interested in purchasing any of these "remove bad luck" curios. These products are for uncrossing, remove a jinx, High John the Conqueror, Dove's blood ink and Dragon's blood ink for removing bad luck from the house. High John is a powerful oil to use to get what you want, remove bad luck from you and your house.


Recipe for Success Send in your prayer request and the $5.00. Your prayer request will be read loud, anointed with the best curio oils and a combination of herbs, placed on the altar - then a lighted candle will be placed on top of YOUR prayer. Before you mail in your prayer request I want you to take an uncooked egg and roll it over your body to collect the negative energy and throw the egg at a tree. This is a simple spell but it works. Plus, you must think positive to remove the negative thinking...most of all belief in yourself, and your prayers to your GOD.

Says the LORD, "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know" (Jeremiah 33:3). This is not witchcraft, it is all about using positive thinking to replace the negative atmosphere, and my help by using good spells with ancient herbal curios to remove evil spirits that are causing your bad luck. Send in your $5.00 and prayer request today, and you will receive help.

This is how it works to remove your bad luck spell.

Send your prayer request and a little information about your bad luck, which helps decide onMy Prayer Request Altar which anointing oil and spiritual herb curio and magic spell chant that removes bad luck for your specific bad luck.

You can print and fill out this form or just write it down on plain paper, to remove the bad luck by using anointing oils and spiritual herb curio formulas,

Send your cash of $5.00 for your prayer request that will be anointed, placed on the altar, under a candle that is lit just for you and to remove bad luck using a spell, and to break and remove bad luck with your prayer on the altar.

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